Healthcare facilities support infection control with automated laundry, waste system

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PAC automated, pneumatic waste and linen handling systems replace the constant handling and transport of refuse and soiled goods throughout the hospital, nursing home or other facility with a modern, efficient system that makes waste and linen handling a contributing asset, not a cost. Rather than haul overloaded, unsightly tilt trucks up and down elevators and through gleaming lobbies in full view of patients and their families, the PAC system eliminates the need for waste and linen collection personnel to leave the floor.

Staffers simply bundle the refuse or linens in bags and drop them into chutes located on each floor – one chute for refuse and another for soiled linens. After a vacuum-induced trip behind the walls, the bags land safely in a central location ready for compacting and removal. The soiled linens land safely in a central location ready for laundering or pick up either on-site or off-site.

The PAC system virtually eliminates the opportunity for germs to be spread by refuse or soiled linens from one floor to another or from one HVAC zone to another by quarantining their traffic patterns to a single floor. Infection control and pest control initiatives are supported while hygiene is immediately improved.

  • less material handling carts needed plus less wear and tear
  • reduced staffing levels
  • improved worker productivity

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