Test Center

Q-ChuteThis Q-Chute™ load station permits the loading, accumulation and staging of bagged refuse and/or soiled linens for timed release into a shaft for conveying behind facility walls to a compactor or laundry room. Precision AirConvey Corp. presents live action demonstrations of its automated waste and linen collection system at its in-house test laboratory in the Newark, Del. company headquarters. This pioneering facility boasts the world’s only full-scale, fully operating, peumatic system of its kind.

You can load bags into the two Q-Chute™ bag loading stations. Use the touch screen secure entry system. Decide when your refuse, recycling or soiled linen is ready to move through the ductwork across the pristine facility to a central collection point. Then monitor how the bags automatically move through the system from a single screen.

To schedule a tour and demonstration, call Sarah Maietta, smaietta@airconvey.com, 302-266-0555 x223.