Our proven automated conveying technology purrs quietly behind the walls and underground in continuous, 24/7 operation

Pneumatic Systems

Our automated, pneumatic systems take waste, recycling and soiled linen from multiple points in your facility and whisk it away to central locations entirely out of sight of your patients, guests and customers.

Our proven pneumatic conveying technology purrs quietly behind the walls and underground in continuous, 24/7 operation as it automatically streamlines the collection, transport and removal of laundry and refuse. Housekeeping traffic through the facility is reduced along with associated staffing and equipment costs.

Unsightly tilt trucks despoiling otherwise stunning architecture remain up on the floor. Germs and odors are contained in a single HVAC zone. Refuse trucks can pick up the waste of an entire campus or facility from a single location – on or off-site – for upgraded security, efficiency and curb appeal.

How it works


This staffer places a bundle of refuse into the automated waste collection system. Instead of hauling the unsightly bundles of refuse through the facility down to a compactor, staffers simply place their bundles into load stations using a secure, touch-screen panel. Separate load stations for refuse and linen are strategically located on each floor.



Inside the load station, bundles of refuse or linen are staged in the innovative PAC Q-Chute. Its state-of-the-art, proprietary computer control system automatically coordinates the release of bundles from dozens of load stations into the ductwork to ensure high performance, reliable, clog-free conveying while maximizing worker productivity.


This bundle of refuse quietly travels down the shaft and through the ductwork en route to a compactor courtesy of the powerful pneumatic conveying system and a head start from gravity. This precision engineered ductwork can lead to a compactor located thousands of feet away or on-site.


Our advanced slant screen separator removes the conveying air and momentum, allowing the bundles to fall into a staging bin above the highly efficient screw compactor. Computer-controlled bomb bay doors open to gently release the bundles into the compactor and then seal shut. Optional air filtration may be added along with automated notifications alerting when the system has reached full capacity.