Office Complexes

img4PAC automated waste handling systems provide commercial property developers with a state-of-the-art, hygienic method for waste and recycling collection and removal. Sure to impress everyone on the office site selection committee, the PAC system enables tenants to simply bundle their refuse in bags and drop them into a chute located on each floor. After a vacuum-induced trip out of sight behind the walls, the refuse lands safely in a central location ready for compacting and pick up – either on-site or at a remote, off-site location.

The PAC system may be integrated into an entire campus with multiple buildings or it may be installed in a single building.

In office towers, the PAC system eliminates the need for separate trash rooms on each floor, along with their drifting odors, pest problems and costly use of square footage. It eliminates the movement of refuse from one floor to another, through lobbies and from the grounds. Garbage trucks may collect the refuse of the entire complex or building from a single, strategically placed location. Hygiene and aesthetics throughout the property are upgraded while waste handling logistics is streamlined and security is tightened.

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