Literature Reveals How Automated Waste Collection Technology Streamlines Waste Handling and Upgrades Sanitation

Precision AirConvey Literature Unveils Trouble-Free Conveying System For Refuse, Laundry
Dramatic Cutaway Illustration Depicts Grand, Multi-Tower Installation

imgNewark, DE – New literature from Precision AirConvey, Newark, Del., showcases the company’s computer-controlled automated waste and linen handling systems that pneumatically convey refuse and/or soiled linens from multiple points in a facility to a central remote or on-site location. Featuring a dramatic illustration depicting a state-of-the-art campus with multiple facilities, the educational brochure demonstrates how staffers place entire cartloads of bundled refuse and/or linen into access-controlled load stations where the bundles are metered into the company’s breakthrough PAC Q-Chute™, then transported through hidden shafts and ultimately collected for easy compacting, recycling or laundering.

The informative literature describes how the proprietary PAC technology upgrades hygiene and aesthetics while supporting infection control measures and streamlining logistics by eliminating the movement of refuse and/or soiled linens through elevators, lobbies and multiple HVAC zones. Designed for architects, real estate developers, facility managers, construction engineers, municipal planners and others, the new brochure highlights opportunities for system installation in hospitals, hotels, casinos, office complexes, municipal centers, shopping malls, airports, gated communities, apartment buildings, condominium towers and other facilities where value is placed on a clean, pristine environment.

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