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On-Site Test and Training Center

The launch of our Pneumatic Waste + Linen Transport Systems goes back several years for Precision
AirConvey (PAC), from our evaluation of systems in the Middle East, Europe, and multiple sites in the
U.S., which allowed the PAC system to be designed around the lessons learned from our competitors’
systems, and the “Voice of the Customer”.

To test and prove our design and functionality, PAC invested $600,000.00 to build a full-size system at our
Newark, Delaware facility, where we have since conducted a significant amount of testing, including the
re-routing of ducting for a vertical uplift of 45’; transporting heavy bags. The system in our Newark,
Delaware facility also serves as a Training Center, supporting ongoing development, large (20”)
ducting is not uncommon, as PAC has conveyed products up to one half mile and over 20,000 pounds of
material per hour.

Through our internal installation, our current installation underway at the University of Pennsylvania,
and the study of systems in the field – all coupled with 30+ years of Air Conveying Systems experience,
PAC is well positioned to enhance the performance of your system.  If your system is even partially
compromised because of separator issues, wait times, or clogs, PAC can do an evaluation detailing how
we could have a positive impact on your systems performance.

Your expectations of your system are high, and they should be – please allow PAC to detail the gaps in
performance and recommend the corresponding corrections needed to maximize the utilization of your
Waste and Linen Transport System.