Precision AirConvey has automated system installation down to a science.PAC systems are installed by highly trained, full-time PAC-employed experts with an average of 10 years of experience with the company.  Since PAC installation crews also understand the operating principles driving system performance, they skillfully install and get the system up and running as specified, often on the same day. PAC does it right the first time without disrupting construction schedules.

Preventative Maintenance

Since PAC designs and manufactures nearly every component in its systems from the advanced load station to fans, air separators and compactors at the discharge, PAC engineers offer a keen understanding of their high quality, reliability and longevity. That’s why each PAC system includes a preventative maintenance review six months after the install – at no charge.  For even longer assurance, PAC offers custom maintenance plans. Call 302.999.8000 for details.

The launch of our Pneumatic Waste + Linen Transport Systems was built on our evaluation of systems in the Middle East, Europe, and  the U.S., which allowed the PAC system to be designed around the lessons learned from our competitors’ systems, as well as the “Voice of the Customer”.

Free Maintenance Review

To test and prove our design and functionality, PAC invested $600,000.00 to build a full-size system at our Newark, Delaware facility, where we have conducted a significant amount of testing, including the re-routing of ducting for a vertical uplift of 45’ transporting heavy bags. PAC has conveyed products up to one half mile and over 20,000 pounds of material per hour.

With over 30+ years of Air Conveying Systems experience,  our internal installation, our completed installation at the University of Pennsylvania, our current installation at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, and extensive study of systems in the field – PAC is well-positioned to design new systems, or enhance the performance of existing systems.

Your expectations are high, and they should be – please allow PAC to detail the gaps in the performance of your current system and recommend the corresponding corrections needed to maximize the utilization of your Waste + Linen Transport System.

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PAC takes pride in accepting responsibility for the successful installation and operation of its systems.