Envac Partners with Stella Futura to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Automated Waste Collection Systems

Envac, a global market leader in the field of automated waste collection, has recently announced a partnership with energy storage company, Stella Futura, to integrate sustainable battery systems into its waste management systems in Sweden. This innovative collaboration aims to not only improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Envac’s systems, but also to contribute to the overall sustainability of urban infrastructure.

Envac’s automated waste collection systems utilize underground pipes to transport waste from collection terminals to processing plants. This closed-loop system not only eliminates the foul odors associated with traditional waste collection methods, but also reduces waste collection traffic, noise, and pollution by up to 90%. By installing Stella Futura’s sustainable batteries in these systems, Envac aims to further decrease energy consumption during peak hours by up to 70%, while also reducing costs and stabilizing the national energy grid.

According to Patrick Haraldsson, President of Envac North Europe, “At Envac, we have always looked at how solving one big urban problem can resolve chains of issues. With sustainable energy, our systems cost less daily and can play an essential part in sustainable urban development. This is a big step towards boosting environmental performance.”

The project, which began in 2022, has five more battery installations planned for the Stockholm area. The current system is already leveling out peaks in electricity use, called peak shavings, which reduces power costs and energy load. As many countries currently face challenges managing peak loads and high electricity prices, Envac’s automated system, in conjunction with Stella Futura’s batteries, is designed to accommodate these issues. During the project, Envac also implemented the latest generation control system, which has further reduced energy consumption by up to 30%.

The initial agreement between Envac and Stella Futura is worth approximately 50 million Swedish Kronor, with an option to expand the agreement to further systems in Sweden. The main objective of the investment is to evaluate and explore further possibilities in conjunction with adjacent real estate operators and local administration. As Ulrika Tornerefelt, CEO of Stella Futura, stated, “Working with urban innovators like Envac is inspiring. To achieve sustainable cities, all urban stakeholders need to contribute to solving more than just one problem. Through our collaboration, it is easier to afford sustainable waste management and it opens up new possibilities for any forward-leaning administration.”

This collaboration between Envac and Stella Futura demonstrates a commitment to finding innovative solutions to urban problems and a dedication to creating a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future for generations to come.

Stella’s sustainable battery solutions at an Envac site