Computer Control

touchscreenPAC’s proprietary, computer-driven control technology makes operating the system as easy as making popcorn in a microwave. When staffers are ready to place their bundles into the load station, they first enter a personal, pin number into the secure system.* In seconds, the touch-screen monitor signals that it is ready for access. Then the load station opens, the bundles are quickly placed into the system during a timed, computer-controlled window of access and then access-control is restored while the staffer returns to duty.

The revolutionary technology permits the simultaneous loading and movement of entire cartloads from dozens of load stations throughout the facility or campus. Loading the waste, soiled linen and recycling goes faster and workers productivity is improved.

ssscreenPAC offers to program the display screen in English, Spanish and other languages.

*Security protocols may be designed to integrate existing card-based security systems.