airportPAC automated waste handling systems speed the collection and removal of refuse from airplanes, on-site restaurants and retailers and other points within the airport. This state-of-the-art method for waste collection and removal streamlines operational efficiency, tightens security and promotes the clean, pristine terminals and grounds your customers value and appreciate.

Bags of refuse are simply placed in access-controlled collection points, which may be located throughout the terminal, at each catering or foodservice facility, in parking areas and even in the tarmac. After the bags take a vacuum-induced trip out of sight behind the walls and/or underground, the refuse lands safely in a central location ready for compacting and pick up – either on-site or at a remote, off-site location.

The PAC system eliminates the unsightly and potentially perilous manual movement of waste through the facility. Hygiene and aesthetics throughout the property are upgraded while waste handling logistics is streamlined and security is enhanced.

The PAC system may be integrated into a sprawling large hub airport with multiple terminals or it may be cost-efficiently installed in smaller airports with 250,000 emplanements annually.

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