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PAC executives including CEO Tom Embley are available for media interviews by phone, email and in person to provide insightful comments on tight deadlines. In addition to automated waste and laundry collection, areas of expertise include:

  • Use of computers and technology to streamline business processes
  • Making sales people more productive
  • Establishing continuous training programs
  • Business investing and expansion during slow economy
  • State of manufacturing and industry in America
  • Small business management strategies
  • Selling to the Fortune 500
  • When to use a partnership or joint venture
  • And more…

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Dean Herbstreit Named National Sales Manager at Precision AirConvey Waste and Linen Conveying Group

Precision AirConvey Corp. (PAC) welcomes National Sales Manager Dean Herbstreit as part of the company’s growing Waste and Linen Conveying Group. He brings more than 20 years of experience and success in the healthcare facility design and construction industry. Dean started his career in the material handling industry as a mechanical designer in 1994. He spent […]

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Precision AirConvey Expands Waste and Linen Group Featuring Automated Collection and Removal Systems

Systems Automatically Whisk Trash, Soiled Linens, Recycling Away Fast Newark, DE: A dedicated team of expert engineers from automated conveying systems manufacturer Precision AirConvey Corp. (PAC), Newark, Del., has been formally tasked with solving critical challenges in healthcare, recycling and facility design. Called the Precision AirConvey Waste and Linen Conveying Group, the division specializes in […]

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Concerns About Hospital Waste Management

Hospital waste and soiled linen streams are large, complex and a source of concern for infection risk, high operational costs and inefficiency. Increasingly, hospitals consider waste management one of the most important sustainable building practices, second only to improving energy efficiency.

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Proven, Reliable Technology Reviving Interest in Automated Linen and Waste Systems

Automated systems that quietly whisk waste and soiled linens out of view and even off-site for easy removal, recycling or laundering should be very attractive to the architects, specifiers and administrators funding the current boom in healthcare, hotel and resort construction, as well as to the executive housekeepers and facility managers who are ultimately responsible for waste and linen handling.

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Literature Reveals How Automated Waste Collection Technology Streamlines Waste Handling and Upgrades Sanitation

A new brochure from Precision AirConvey, Newark, Del., showcases the company’s computer-controlled automated waste and linen handling systems that pneumatically convey refuse and/or soiled linens from multiple points in a facility to a central remote or on-site location.

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